Hi there! My name is Alex.

Digital Marketing Manager


Early in my career I worked closely with founding members of a local record label. Their goal was simple, to sell more records. This challenge pushed me to develop skills and work with industry leaders to obtain the knowledge necessary to help businesses just like that one succeed. Since then, I have worked with CMO’s, VP’s, Directors, Specialists, Analysts and everything in between to craft strategic marketing plans and develop campaign strategy.

I have personally developed annual marketing plans for both B2B and B2C brands, developed branding guidelines, crafted value propositions, developed go-to-market plans, crafted editorial calendars, and so much more. With an emphasis on digital marketing, I pride myself on lowering the average cost of customer aquisition in each postion that I have held. By targeting key demographics and utilizing captured data, I craft strategic plans that are obtainable and successful.

Additionally, I have a background in graphic and web design that has pushed me to work with clients of all sizes. To see examples of my work, please list the portfolio section of this site.


With a passion for exceeding expectations, my dedication and hard work are evident in every project I touch.

Omni-Channel Approach

By integrating marketing campaigns into the larger business model, I have built in-depth consumer profiles and captured useful data that would have otherwise been lost.

Lead Generation

With a proven track record of subscriber growth and collection of inbound leads, I specialize in both B2B and B2C lead generation.

Brand Development

From collecting market data to defining brand identities, creating a logo to launching products in market, I have experience launching successful brands.

Social Marketing

From launching social accounts for new brands or optimizing strategy for well-established accounts, my background have given me the expertise and skill to lead your social marketing.


With the tools and experience to build data-driven sales, research is key in my marketing approach.

Web Development

With the ability to build integrated landing pages and launch digital campaigns from start to finish, I can operate as a one-stop digital team.

Graphic Design

In addition to my depth of marketing experience, I have also operated as a freelance and professional designer since 2013.